Planned Maintenance

More Than Peace of Mind

Hopkins Refrigeration highly recommends a regularly scheduled inspection of your commercial refrigeration equipment for signs of trouble and in order to prevent problems before they turn into breakdowns. An ignored problem can result in a costly breakdown when you can least afford it.

The consequences of an unchecked problem could be a complete system failure, a failed health inspection or a food-related illness due to unsafe food storage temperatures.
Coil cleaning is critical to the efficient operation of your system and should be done on every planned maintenance call. If the condenser coils are fully saturated with dirt and debris, it will interfere with the heat transfer of the refrigeration system. This will cause inefficiency in the refrigeration system and the likelihood of a complete system failure increases.
A commonly overlooked problem is warm-air infiltration inside the cabinet. When the gaskets or seals of the refrigerator/ freezer doors are torn or loose, air warm will be sucked in which causes a myriad of problems; long refrigeration cycles which increase utility cost, frozen evaporators which cause water leaks, and unsatisfactory storage temperatures.
As you’re likely aware, kitchens are often cramped spaces and although you may have little room to spare, it’s important that you don’t block the air intake and exhaust vents of the refrigeration equipment. If you do, the unit will have to work harder to cool the product stored inside. This not only increases the electricity used by the unit, but it will also bring about the premature end to the refrigeration system; specifically the compressor and motor bearings.

Commercial Refrigeration Planned Maintenance
More Than Peace of Mind

We recommend Planned Maintenance as a semiannual event. Includes but not limited to:

  • Check Refrigeration unit for Normal Operation – and create detailed report upon findings
  • Condenser coil cleaning (chemical on initial, and then when deemed necessary)
  • Remove and replace air filter (install where deemed necessary) – This is an open-cell foam type media cut to size the condenser, reduces the need for chemical cleaning.
  • Condensate drain cleaning – Where needed
  • Check temperature settings – Verify proper operation of thermostat
  • Check defrost times and functions – timed defrosts, and time clocks/programs
  • Check fans – proper speed and rotation, (as well as cleaning if needed) to ensure proper airflow in condenser coil and evaporator coil
  • Check for refrigeration leaks – with system on and off
  • Check proper door and drawer operation – automatic closing if equipped, hinges, and proper seal
  • Check gaskets – worn or torn gaskets, for proper seal as well as health inspection purposes
    Ice machine quarterly cleaning – annually cleaning is reg. hourly rate and not included in a routine preventive maintenance.
  • Address any issues or concerns Customer may have with refrigeration units.

Planned maintenance is not a contract and is invoiced once work is completed.